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Digital Photography on Mayne Island

Have the photographs you need today!

Below are some examples of photos taken for our clients.

Imagine the possibilities

Teddy Bear with background removed
Photo for Olavia's Knitting Patterns
Teddy with background removed
Photo taken for
Photo taken for
Themis - photo taken for FairAll Consulting
Spring Garden
Another Knitting Pattern shot
Photo taken for
Garden Shot
Photo taken for
Rose with the background removed
Deacon Hill on Mayne Island
Wayne D.F. Thomas' carving.
Yellow Rose with
background removed
Landscape shot
Photo taken for
Wayne Thomas - Carver

Using a digital camera, we can take photos for you
and these can be sent by email anywhere in the world
or posted on the internet within hours of your request.

This service is local to Mayne Island only


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