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MonicaWorks was developed and grew out of a love of art, design, and communication.

Combining 30 years of experience in art and human resources, we are knowledgeable about what makes a website work

Communication is what we are all about. Our mandate is to create a website which communicates to your visitors exactly what you want it to....and to do it with appealing images and functionality.

We listen to you and go through many tests and discussions until you are happy with your site.

Content is king in our office. We want your visitors to be amazed by what you offer and not distracted by cute animations and glitz.

The first consultation is free.

Articles about MonicaWorks

Canadian Small Business of the Month - February 2002


Did you notice?
This image is created from the same original as the image on the opening page.
And yes, that's me and my dog


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Phone: (250) 539-3004


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